COVID-19 Self-Testing: Everything you need to know.

COVID-19 Tests can detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, or antibodies that your body makes after getting COVID-19 and after a person has been vaccinated. Testing allows you to know if you are infected with Covid-19.

Forms of Testing: 


Viral testing requires samples through the mouth or nose, which can typically be done in minutes. “There are two types of viral tests: rapid tests and laboratory tests. Viral tests use samples that come from your nose or mouth. Laboratory tests can take days to complete and include RT-PCR and other types of NAATs. Some test results may need confirmatory testing.” — CDC

At Home Rapid Tests can be done from the Comfort of your home without needing to expose yourself or others and wait in long lines. See more about Self-Testing HERE.

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Antibody Test:

An Antibody Test finds Antibodies in your Blood. Antibodies are proteins that your immune system makes to help fight infection and protect you from sickness and viruses.

“Antibody tests should not be used to diagnose a current infection, but may indicate if you had a past infection. Antibody tests help scientists learn about how human immune systems defend against the virus, as well as learn about population-level protection.


Antibody testing is not currently recommended to determine:

  • If you have a current infection.
  • If you have immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Whether you need to get vaccinated if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • Whether you need to quarantine after a known or suspected exposure to COVID-19.
  • You should always discuss your test results with your healthcare provider.” — CDC 

Why you should Test?

  • It’s FREE – to get tested at most Hospitals and Pharmacies. If leaving home isn’t an option, At Home Self-Tests are available in many Online Stores that ship directly to your home! Visit Nationwide Medical Supply Inc. to get yours today!
  • It’s Effective – Most Covid-19 Test Kits are 95% Effective – Testing twice might be a good option if you are still unsure.
  • It’s Quick! — Usually takes about 15-20 minutes to get tested and get results! (Time may vary depending on Location) Self-Tests give you results within 15 Minutes!
  • Peace of Mind – If you are feeling off or a tad sick, testing is a quick and effective way of making sure you do not have Covid-19.


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