Coronavirus Delta Variant and How to Stay Protected

Although we’ve lived with the Coronavirus since 2019 there is still a lot we are learning about The Coronavirus, and it’s Variants.

What we know about the Coronavirus Delta variant

  • The Delta Variant is more contagious, more than 2x more contagious than its other variants.
  • Some cases show that the Delta Variant can cause a severe illness to many people
  • Unvaccinated people are at greater risk – besides having a severe response to the variant, Unvaccinated people carry the virus longer than a person that is vaccinated.

How to Stay Protected 

Besides getting vaccinated, Wearing your Face Mask in public properly, Getting Tested and keeping distance from heavily populated areas will decrease the chances of getting Covid-19 and it’s Variants or Transmitting the Virus to others.

“Given what we know about the Delta variant, vaccine effectiveness, and current vaccine coverage, layered prevention strategies, including wearing masks, are needed to reduce the transmission of this variant” – CDC

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