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Covid Test Kits - N95

COVID-19 Rapid Self-Testing Kits

Getting a COVID-19 At Home Test Kit Many of us are not completely comfortable with driving up to a COVID-19 Test Center or even have the time to get there with our busy & hectic schedules. Whether getting tested for your upcoming Flight, Event or simply to have Peace of Mind when visiting Family. A…
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Dental PPE Supplies

5 Benefits of Nitrile Gloves

In healthcare facilities, whether it’s a dental office or emergency room, it’s common for workers to use a variety of medical PPE supplies, such as gloves, face masks, and gowns. But the type, brand, style, and material of the product can make a significant difference in the experience and safety of the worker and patient.…
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Childrens Face Masks - N95

How to Encourage Kids to Wear Face Masks

There are many adults who have a hard time wearing face masks, especially if they need to wear them throughout the day due to working in a public setting, so it’s understandable when children have a hard time wearing them. However, face masks are an integral part of ensuring that the spread of COVID-19 is…
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Sanitizers - PPE Supplies

How to Correctly Use Hand Sanitizer

At first glance at the title of today’s post, you might wonder why anyone would need to know how to correctly use hand sanitizer. After all, you simply put some in your hands and rub them together and that’s that, right? Wrong. Today, we’ll look at the steps to follow to ensure you are using…
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PPE Supplies for Schools

Principles for Operating Schools Safely

Education has not been traditional in any sense of the word over the course of the past year. With the spike in positive cases of the coronavirus, many schools moved to remote learning in the spring and reopened in the fall only to close down again. Some schools were able to stay open and simply…
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