How To Stay Safe During Rideshares

How To Stay Safe During Rideshares

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When it comes to riding in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft it is important to make sure that all guidelines are being followed to protect yourself, and others from spreading diseases. Nationwide Medical wants to help keep you safe with some easy-to-follow info directly from Uber and Lyft.

Everyone Must Wear A Mask

Similar to most business guidelines, riders and drivers must both wear a mask before entering the vehicle. In order to ensure that the driver is protected, Uber and Lyft require a notice to all riders before contacting a nearby driver to remind the riders that a mask is required. To protect the riders, both businesses have reporting systems so that if a driver is not being compliant with guidelines, the rider can report them to the business to prevent future incidents.

Driver’s Have the Power to Say No

A driver has the right to refuse a rider that is not following the guidelines put in place. Uber and Lyft know how important it is to keep their drivers safe from the spread of infectious diseases. This is the best way to create a safe, healthy working environment for the drivers. Drivers play a big role in the day to day lives of individuals who don’t personally drive themselves. Without rideshares, many individuals would be forced to walk long distances in cold weather conditions, which could potentially weaken the immune system depending on their exposure. Some individuals would not be able to get to important destinations like a doctor’s office or a grocery store.

Partially Roll Down Windows For Ventilation

In order to keep fresh air flowing in a smaller space like a vehicle, it is important to partially or fully open windows. This way air can flow freely through out the space. When riding with multiple people this can be a great way to reduce the risk of spread.

To comply with physical distancing, Uber and Lyft have asked that number of passengers be reduced so that the front seat is always free for the driver to be distanced from others.

Stay Safe!

We hope that this information, along with the Covid-19 information provided by Uber, Lyft, and the CDC, can help individuals protect themselves wherever they go and especially while using rideshares. To summarize everything that was states above:

  • Always wear a mask
  • Comply with the health and safety agreement
  • Allow free flowing air through out small spaces

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