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PPE for Schools

Reopening Schools Safely And Protecting Students, Staff, and Faculty

It’s widely agreed that the best place for students to learn is in the classroom rather than at home. However, putting students, faculty, and staff within close proximity to each other can greatly increase the risk of the transmission of COVID-19. Even though children are less likely to experience severe symptoms of the virus, it is still possible for them to transmit coronavirus to others. Therefore, administrators must take appropriate measures in order to protect everyone when schools do reopen.
Nationwide Medical Supply is committed to providing schools and teachers with high-quality, affordable PPE supplies, from masks to thermometers and hand sanitizer. We understand the need for a reliable stream of various PPE supplies to support the reopening guidelines, including face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and digital thermometers. When a district is planning on reopening, Nationwide Medical Supply will be there with PPE for schools and teachers so that children can continue learning in the best environment possible.

Nationwide Medical Supply Offers Affordable, Reliable, HIgh-Quality PPE Supplies For Teachers & Schools

When faculty, staff, parents, and students have so many other things to worry about, there is one constant that everyone can rely on: service and supplies from Nationwide Medical Supply.


Anyone who has worked in a school district understands that the budget can be one of the most difficult things to manage. We are committed to providing the affordable PPE supplies schools and teachers need to safely operate while also having the funds for what is most important: children’s education. We offer bulk pricing to ensure the entire school can get the supplies they need without worrying about the cost.

Fast Delivery

In an emergency, administrators can rely on us for quick delivery of supplies. Whatever size of the order, rest assured that you will get it when you need it so that classes can continue safely. We have warehouse locations in Florida, Los Angeles, and Denver, making it possible to ship your supplies as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

Nationwide Medical Supply has a team of dedicated account managers whose priority is providing the highest level of customer service and support. When you have questions, need to place an emergency order, or anything else, you can count on us to be there for you.


Above all, we want to provide your school with PPE supplies that you can trust. From N95 face masks to face shields and hand sanitizer dispensers, you can gain peace of mind knowing that everyone in the school building is safe and protected.




Nationwide Medical Supply is Your Source For Quality Service & PPE Supplies For Your School

From Face Masks to Hand Sanitizer

School administrations are undoubtedly under a lot of stress and pressure to safely bring students and staff back to school while preventing the spread of COVID-19. With the right tools and guidance, however, you can safely and confidently reopen your school.

Here Are Some Guiding Principles to Keep in Mind as Your School Reopens

Plan and Prepare

An essential part of reopening schools safely is having a plan in place and being prepared for unexpected events and illness. Determine the number of people who will be in the building in order to have an appropriate amount of PPE available, ensure that everyone understands and is aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, post signs that list symptoms and reminders of proper hygiene practices, and create a system for contact tracing in the event that someone develops symptoms or tests positive.

Cohorting and Scheduling

Grouping students and faculty together for the duration of the school day can limit exposure and reduce contact. Schools can create alternating schedules that allow certain grades or classes to attend school on different days, there can be alternating times for student drop-off and pick-up, classrooms can be divided into small groups and given a specific space where they can work, and allow for specific times throughout the week for thorough cleaning of classrooms and facilities.

Promote Healthy Hygiene Behaviors

Hygiene is one of the biggest factors in preventing the spread of COVID-19. In addition to properly wearing a face mask, students and staff should thoroughly wash their hands after using the restroom and before eating meals, avoid touching their face, and ensure that shared materials and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized frequently.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

Dozens of surfaces are touched throughout the course of the day, from door handles to desks, faucets, computers, phones, writing utensils, light switches, and playground equipment. All of these surfaces need to be thoroughly sanitized multiple times throughout the day. In addition to sanitizing surfaces, classrooms should be organized in a way that allows for social distancing, desks should face in the same direction, and when possible, physical barriers can be used for sneeze guards and partitions. With the right scheduling, students can limit their exposure in the hallways as well.

Plan Ahead For When Someone Gets Sick

There should be a thorough plan for when students, faculty, or staff get sick. If symptoms do arise, the affected person should go home immediately and quarantine until symptoms subside. Students can be sent home with lesson materials, and back-up staff should be available in the case that a teacher or administrator is sick. If back-up staff is not available, there should be a plan in place for combining classrooms.

Track Local Data

Schools reopening is often dependent on the number of local cases. School administrations should stay in close contact with local health officials in order to be aware of any increase in positive COVID-19 cases. If/when numbers are high enough, it may warrant closing the school again or moving to a hybrid/in-person schedule to limit the number of people in the school building.

Adult and Children’s Face Masks

3-Ply Face Mask

These adult face masks are made with non-woven fiber fabric material, they are comfortable, breathable, and feature an embedded nose clip for stability. They offer exceptional protection against viruses.

Children’s 3-Ply Face Mask

Available in boxes of 50 non-medical face masks, these disposable masks feature a soft elastic ear-loop and three layers of fabric for reliable protection. They are also breathable and comfortable for long periods of use.

Face Masks Are Essential When Reopening Schools

When worn and used correctly, face masks are an effective method of preventing the spread of COVID-19. In a school setting, where it is difficult to maintain six feet of social distance, it is incredibly important that everyone wears a face mask that offers the most protection. Both of these adult and children’s face masks feature a 3-ply design that offers a high level of protection and comes in boxes of 50, making it easy to keep a supply available for all types of school buildings and offices.

Everyone should wash their hands before putting on a face mask, they should only be handled by the ear loop and not the mask itself, it should cover the nose, mouth, and chin at all times, and these 3-ply masks are designed for a single-use and should be disposed of after it is taken off. Dirty, wet, or used masks should never be worn, they should never be shared, and should only be taken off when there are at least six feet between each person.

In a school setting, teachers do not need to wear a medical-grade face mask; however, nurses and health officials in a school may want to consider wearing N95 or KN95 masks. Nationwide Medical Supply offers a wide variety of non-medical and medical-grade masks, including 3M, Makrite, Moldex, and TruAir N95 respiratory masks.

Hand Sanitizers

Wish Hand Sanitizer

Our Wish brand hand sanitizer comes in a 24-count case with 3.38 oz bottles. They are perfect for students, teachers, and staff to keep on hand in their locker or desk for use throughout the day.

Effectively Eliminate Germs With Hand Sanitizer

When hand sanitizer is readily available, people are more likely to use it, offering greater protection for themselves and those around them. Whether it’s a personal tube that provides peace of mind for everyone, or larger quantities that can be used for various purposes, hand sanitizer is a quick and effective way to kill germs and viruses.

Hand sanitizer should be used when handwashing with soap and water is not possible. Use a generous dollop of sanitizer after coming in contact with a person or surface. Spread the sanitizer onto both hands so that it cleanses the back of the hands and in between the fingers. Let the sanitizer dry naturally rather than wiping your hands dry. School faculty and staff should encourage students to frequently use hand sanitizer ensuring that any germs that are present are killed as quickly as possible.

Sanitizer Dispensers

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizing Dispenser 

Lightweight and easy to install, this wall-mounted dispenser is perfect for restrooms and entryways, allowing contact-less dispensing of hand sanitizer. The 35.2 oz capacity dispenser works with gel, liquid, and foaming sanitizer as well as soap.

Standing Hand Sanitizing Station

This freestanding dispenser station stands 59 inches tall and holds 35.2 oz of gel, liquid, foaming sanitizer, and soap. Place the station at school and classroom entryways to keep students and staff safe.

Give Students and Staff Easy Access to Hand Sanitizer

Regardless of where a hand sanitizer dispenser is placed or what type of sanitizer it holds, this type of PPE supply can help protect everyone who attends or works in a school setting. Automatic dispensers work to limit contact with surfaces while quickly and effectively killing germs. Not only can these dispensers protect against COVID-19, but they can be used at all times to help prevent the common cold and the flu that can so quickly spread through schools.

Nationwide Medical Supply offers fast and efficient shipping and low prices, making it as easy as possible for schools to be protected during this time.

Digital Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Quickly and accurately take someone’s temperature as a part of your symptom monitoring practices. Temperatures can be taken within one second and the thermometer measures in Fahrenheit and Celcius.

Safely and Quickly Monitor For Symptoms

A fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19 and one that can be easily monitored with a non-contact infrared thermometer. While it may not be time-efficient to take each student’s temperature when they arrive or throughout the day, it can be used to ensure that all faculty and staff are healthy. The infrared feature allows users to remain distant while getting an accurate reading. The thermometer does not come into contact with the person as well, reducing the need for cleaning and sanitizing.

When a high temperature is recorded, the person should immediately be sent home until the symptom passes. Even though there may be many reasons for a temperature, small actions like this can go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring that students and staff remain safe.

Find Quality, Affordable PPE Supplies For Schools at Nationwide Medical Supply

Nationwide Medical Supply understands the importance of a child’s education. While we’re not in the schools teaching with you, we want to do everything possible to protect your children and the teachers who are passionate about their success.

We are proud to provide school administrations with quality, affordable PPE supplies, including N95, KN95, and 3-ply face masks, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer dispensers, and more. Providing students and staff with reliable supplies can be challenging, but you can rely on us to offer a variety of delivery options, bulk pricing, and warranties to ensure that you have everything you need to reopen your school safely and to keep it open.

We offer shipping across the country as well as contact-free pickup options for schools in the Denver, Colorado, area. Whether you’re stocking up for a reopening or need a regular order for the entire semester, get in touch with Nationwide Medical Supply today.