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PPE Supplies For Dental Clinics

The PPE Supplies Dental Offices Need to Protect Others

Minimizing the risk of cross-infection is a primary goal for every dental clinic. In order to maximize the quality of patient care, protect patients, and protect dental staff, it is critical that you have the right type of PPE. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we are proud to offer dentists and dental offices a variety of PPE supplies to ensure you have the equipment you need. From masks and gloves to sanitizers, face shields, gowns, and more, you’re sure to find the right PPE for your dental clinic. We offer top-quality, medical-grade PPE, distribute it in the easiest way possible for your business, and offer exceptional prices and bulk order discounts. Shop online at Nationwide Medical Supply to find all of the PPE your dental clinic needs today.

Choose Nationwide Medical Supply For Affordable, Reliable, High-Quality PPE Supplies


At Nationwide Medical Supply, we know that you need to stick to your budget to ensure your dental office can make a profit in order to pay bills, pay staff, and more. With that in mind, we offer quality PPE supplies at affordable prices and also offer bulk discount pricing.

Fast Delivery

While you do your best to ensure you have a good supply of PPE equipment on hand at all times, there are those moments when you realize that you’re running low and need more as soon as possible. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we offer fast delivery options to help you get what you need when you need it. We also offer contactless PPE pickup for dentists and dental offices in the Denver, CO, area.

Customer Service

Our dedicated account managers are here to ensure that you get the PPE equipment you need for your dental practice. Let us know the type, amount, and frequency that works for you, and we’ll help determine the right ordering schedule to ensure you’re always well supplied.


When you need FDA-approved PPE supplies for your dental office, be sure to shop online at Nationwide Medical Supply. We are proud to offer the equipment and products you need to maintain a clean and safe dental practice.

Nationwide Medical Supply Is Your Go-To Source For PPE Supplies

From Dental Clinics to Healthcare Facilities to School Medical Offices

PPE acts as a protective barrier between infectious materials and your skin, mouth, nose, and eyes. Work in a dental office brings you incredibly close to other peoples’ faces, which means you need to consider which type of PPE is right for your practice. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we offer protective gowns, gloves, face shields, masks, and more.

Consider Using These Basic Guidelines at Your Dental Clinic in Order to Provide the Safest Care Possible

Conduct Health Screenings for All Clients

Screen all patients, staff, and visitors for COVID-19-related symptoms. Ask whether they have experienced a fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, headache, body aches, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, or recently lost taste or smell. Take each person’s temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer. Limit the number of people present in the waiting room to maintain safe social distancing practices.

Provide Access to Soap and Water or Non-Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Ask everyone to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands with soap and water upon entering your dental office. Provide a non-contact dispenser with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Patients, staff, and visitors will likely have their own face masks but it’s a good idea to make sure you have a supply on hand for individuals who do not have one or may have forgotten theirs.

Maintain Social Distancing When Possible

Dental hygienists are naturally in close contact with patients, but when possible, do your best to ensure that all patients and staff remain six feet apart to minimize exposure. You can mark the floor in your dental office with signs that show where people should stand as well as direct the flow of traffic.

Additional Safety Precautions to Consider Implementing

Follow standard, contact, and airborne precautions including good hand hygiene practices.

Use a dental hand-piece with anti-retraction function, four-handed dentistry, high-evacuation suction, and rubber dams to minimize droplet splatter and aerosol generation.

Use resorbable sutures (sutures dissolve after three to five days in the oral cavity) to eliminate the need for a follow-up appointment.

Consider taking extraoral radiographs instead of intraoral (panoramic radiography) to avoid triggering a patient’s gag reflex.

Minimize the use of ultrasonic instruments, high-speed handpieces, and 3-way syringes.

Disinfect surfaces with EPA-approved chemicals and maintain a dry environment.

Perform endodontic procedures with dilute (1%) solutions of sodium hypochlorite to extend supplies without adverse effects on outcomes.

Wear an N95 or equivalent face mask or a higher-level respirator such as a disposable filtering facepiece respirator, a powered air-purifying respirator, or an elastomeric respirator, eye protection such as goggles or reusable face shields, gloves, and a gown.

Medical Masks:
N95 Masks & KN95 Masks

N95 Masks

Nationwide Medical Supply offers four different types of N95 masks for your protection, which includes 3M, Moldex, TruAir, and Makrite masks.

KN95 Face Mask

Provide your dental clinic employees with comfortable, breathable protection. Our medical-grade KN95 masks offer protection against non-oil based particles.

Wearing masks in public settings is important, as it is difficult to maintain social distancing measures in this particular setting. Provide your dental clinic staff and employees with medical-grade face masks to protect their health and safety.

They reduce viral transmission when worn correctly.

They prevent asymptomatic spread.

An N95 or KN95 face mask should be worn rather than a simple cloth face covering, as these do not offer reliable protection.

Protect your dental patients and others from illness.

Face shields can also be worn, but cannot be used as a replacement for face masks.

They’re a good addition to basic hygiene practices.

Non-Medical Masks:
3-Ply Face Masks and Children’s 3-Ply Face Masks

3-Ply Face Mask

The 3-ply face mask is comfortable, breathable, disposable, skin-friendly, easy to use, and great to have on hand for clients who don’t have a mask or forgot theirs.

Children’s 3-Ply Face Mask

It’s difficult for children to easily and correctly wear face masks designed to fit adults. Our children’s 3-ply face masks feature kid-friendly patterns, are breathable, soft, skin-friendly, and easy for kids to wear.

The children’s and adult 3-ply face masks are both available in boxes of 50 masks and are ideal for those individuals and visitors who are not employed by your dental office.

While most of your clients will do their best to follow the current best practices to ensure health and safety, there will be times when an individual forgets their mask or their child’s mask. Help your patients maintain health and safety standards by providing quality 3-ply face masks in adult and child sizes.

Keep an adequate supply of PPE on hand at your dental office at all times by ordering from Nationwide Medical Supply. You can order in bulk, schedule regular shipments, and take advantage of our workable delivery options.

Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are puncture-resistant, powder-free gloves that are perfect for individuals allergic to latex. Available in sizes XS – XXL.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are great for industrial applications, dental clinics, medical facilities, and more. Enjoy durability, strength, and comfort with these disposable gloves.

Your dental hygienists work closely with your patients, which means they could come into contact with blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids. Since wearing gloves helps to prevent the transmission of infectious agents, make sure to provide the employees in your dental clinic with the best possible protection with nitrile or latex gloves.

Hand Sanitizer and Dispensing Stations

Hand Sanitizer

Nationwide Medical Supply offers a variety of hand sanitizer containers to meet your needs, including Wish Hand Sanitizer 3.38 oz containers and gel hand sanitizer in 8 oz, 16 oz, or one-gallon containers.

Dispensing Stations

Choose the hand sanitizer station that works for your dental clinic: a wall-mounted dispenser and a standing station.

From individual hand sanitizer tubes at 3.38 oz and gallon-size refill options to hands-free dispensers you can use in restrooms, exam rooms, or entryways, Nationwide Medical Supply has what you need.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers make it easy for staff, visitors, and clients to easily, quickly, and safely clean their hands and help maintain proper hygiene while in your dental office. Since you have different space availability in different areas of your dental practice, we offer both wall-mounted and free-standing hand sanitizer stations. You can order the individual hand sanitizer tubes to keep on hand for employees or hand out to clients when they come in for appointments.

Our gel hand sanitizer is made with antimicrobial properties that eliminate germs. The gallon size features a topical gel that is 72% alcohol and comes in a mountain fresh scent. Looking for something smaller? Order our lemon-scented gel hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol in either 8 oz. or 16 oz. Gel hand sanitizer is a great option, as it can quickly eliminate germs but won’t dry out your hands when used repeatedly.

Gowns :
Level 1 and 2 Disposable Gowns

Level 1 Disposable Gown

This disposable, durable, and lightweight gown offers basic protection for visitors in your clinic, standard isolation, and basic care.

Level 1 & 2 Disposable Gown

These gowns are ideal for protection from cross-infection and exposure to bacteria, blood, and other fluids.

Gowns are a part of PPE that should be incorporated when there is a risk of contamination to the arms. Since dental hygienists work right next to another person’s eyes, nose, and mouth, gowns are an essential piece of their daily uniform. Order gowns from Nationwide Medical Supply that fully cover the torso, have long sleeves that fit around the wrists, and fit comfortably around the body.

At Nationwide Medical Supply, we are proud to offer disposable gowns that are made from multi-ply material with side ties to eliminate the difficulty of tying behind the back. Our gowns are knee-high with close-fitting hems at the wrists. They are one-size-fits-all and come in packs of 10 or 100. Contact us for more information on bulk order discounts.

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Whether you’re running a hospital, dental clinic, chiropractic office, or pediatric clinic, we’re here to help you get the quality PPE supplies and equipment you need. Whether you need help placing an order, have questions about minimum order quantities, warranties, delivery options, or bulk pricing, please contact us today.