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PPE Supplies For Hospitality Businesses

Protect Your Guests, Employees, and Others In Your Hotel

You want your guests to enjoy their stay and make plans to return. You want your employees to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment. You want visitors, delivery personnel, and everyone else who enters your building to feel confident that you provide a clean, safe, and healthy space. With that, it’s important to provide the right type of PPE for your hotel, follow standard safety protocols, and communicate your efforts to prioritize safety. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we are proud to offer a wide array of PPE supplies for businesses to ensure you have exactly what you need. From face masks and shields to gloves, sanitizers, gowns, and more, you’re sure to find the right PPE for your hotel. We offer top-quality, medical-grade PPE, distribute it in the easiest and quickest way possible for your business, and also offer exceptional prices and bulk order discounts. Shop online at Nationwide Medical Supply to find all of the PPE supplies you need in your corner of the hospitality industry.




Nationwide Medical Supply Is Your Go-To Source For PPE Supplies in the Hospitality Industry

From Healthcare Facilities to Dental Clinics, Schools and Hotels

PPE equipment acts as a protective barrier between a variety of infectious materials and your skin, mouth, nose, and eyes. These are the areas where you are most likely to come into contact with an infectious material and put your own body at risk. When you work in the hospitality industry, you come into contact with a wide number of people each and every day. It’s vital to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees, guests, and anyone else who enters your hotel. You can take the first step by providing superior PPE supplies to your hotel employees, enabling easy access to hand sanitizer stations, and conducting regular health screenings. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we offer protective gowns, gloves, face shields, masks, and more to help you provide the best level of protection.

Follow Some Basic Guidelines in Your Hotel to Provide the Safest Environment Possible

Conduct Health Screenings for All Employees

Screen both full-time and part-time employees for COVID-19-related symptoms each day they come to work. Remember to ask whether they have recently experienced a fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, headache, body aches, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, or recently lost their senses of taste or smell. Scan their forehead with a non-contact infrared thermometer to check their temperature.

Provide Easy Access to Soap and Water or Non-Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Be sure to remind all employees to regularly wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not easily available. Provide non-contact dispensers with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol in various places throughout the common areas of the hotel. Make sure to have an abundant supply of face masks on hand for employees and guests who do not have one with them or may have forgotten theirs.

Maintain Social Distancing When Possible

Do your best to ensure that all employees and guests can maintain six feet of distance between one another to minimize exposure. You can mark the floor throughout the hotel building with signs that show where people should stand as well as direct the flow of traffic.

Additional safety precautions to consider implementing:

Follow standard, contact, and airborne precautions including good hand hygiene practices.

Post signs reminding employees and guests to wear masks in indoor public spaces.

Regularly clean guest elevators, front desk check-in stations, and public restrooms.

Ensure housekeepers do not enter a guest’s room unless asked. If they are asked, have them adhere to standard safety protocols.

Help guests maintain six feet of distance from other groups of travelers.

Enable contactless check-in when possible.

Require employees to maintain physical distancing in dining rooms, training classrooms, and other areas as needed.

Disinfect surfaces with EPA-approved chemicals and maintain a dry environment.

Wear an N95 or equivalent face mask.

Nationwide Medical Supply Provides Superior PPE Equipment to Help Your Hotel Protect Against the Spread of COVID-19.

Quality PPE Supplies

Nationwide Medical Supply proudly offers top quality, medical grade PPE supplies and equipment. We’re here to ensure your hotel has what you need for superior protection.

Workable Delivery

Our team strives to distribute the PPE supplies you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer fast, nationwide shipping as well as local pickup options in Denver, CO.

Exceptional Prices

Find affordable PPE supplies you need without overextending your budget. Discover our bulk-order pricing and other discounts to get the best prices possible every time.

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Medical Masks – N95 & KN95 Masks

Keep the guests and employees in your hotel safe and healthy with face masks.

N95 Masks

Nationwide Medical Supply offers four different types of N95 masks, including Moldex, TruAir, Makrite, and 3M masks.

KN95 Face Mask

Provide your dental clinic employees with comfortable, breathable protection. Our medical-grade KN95 masks offer protection against non-oil based particles and are available in packs of 10.

Wearing masks in public settings, especially in hotels, is important, as it is not always easy to maintain social distancing measures in this environment. Provide your hotel staff with medical-grade face masks to protect their health and safety.

• When worn correctly, they reduce viral transmission.
• They prevent asymptomatic spread.
• An N95 or KN95 face mask should be worn rather than a simple cloth face covering, as these do not offer reliable protection.
• Protect your hotel staff from illness.
• Face shields can also be worn, but cannot be used as a replacement for face masks.
• Face masks are a good addition to basic hygiene practices.

Non-Medical Masks

3-Ply Face Masks and Children’s 3-Ply Face Masks


Adult face masks were not designed for children. Since children have smaller faces, it’s vital to provide them with masks designed specifically for them! Not only will this provide better protection but it will also provide more comfort. Nationwide Medical Supply offers children’s 3-ply face masks that feature kid-friendly patterns, are breathable, soft, skin-friendly, and easy for kids to wear.

The children’s and adult 3-ply face masks are both available in boxes of 50 masks and are ideal for guests, visitors, and others who are not employed by the hotel or do not have masks of their own.

While most of your guests will do their best to follow the current best practices to ensure health and safety, there will be times when someone might forget their mask or their child’s mask. Help your hotel guests maintain health and safety standards by providing quality 3-ply face masks in both adult and child sizes.

Keep an adequate supply on hand at all times by ordering from Nationwide Medical Supply today. You can order in bulk, schedule regular shipments, and take advantage of our workable delivery options to make your job easier.


Hand Sanitizer and Dispensing Stations

Hand Sanitizer

Nationwide Medical Supply offers a number of options for hand sanitizer containers to meet your needs, including Wish Hand Sanitizer 3.38 oz containers and gel hand sanitizer in 8 oz, 16 oz, or one-gallon containers.

Dispensing Stations

Choose the hand sanitizer station that works best for your hotel: a wall-mounted dispenser or a standing station.

Hand sanitizer is a great PPE item for businesses to have on hand. While washing hands with soap and water is the best and most effective way to stop the spread of germs, it’s not always possible to do so. Be sure to provide both free-standing and wall-mounted hand sanitizing stations throughout the public spaces in your hotel to ensure the health and safety of everyone. From individual hand sanitizer tubes at 3.38 oz and gallon-size refill options to hands-free dispensers you can use in restrooms, dining areas, or lobbies, Nationwide Medical Supply has what you need.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers make it easy for hotel employees, guests, and delivery personnel to easily, quickly, and safely clean their hands and help maintain proper hygiene while in your hotel. We offer both wall-mounted and free-standing hand sanitizer stations to easily accommodate a variety of spaces throughout your hotel. Order the individual hand sanitizer tubes to keep on hand for employees or hand out to guests when they arrive.

Our gel hand sanitizer is made with antimicrobial properties that eliminate germs. The gallon size features a topical gel that is 72% alcohol and comes in a mountain fresh scent. If you prefer a smaller option, be sure to order our lemon-scented gel hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol in either 8 oz. or 16 oz. Gel hand sanitizer is a great option, as it can quickly eliminate germs but won’t dry out your hands with repeated use.

Digital Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

This digital thermometer measures temperatures within one second and helps your hotel meet COVID-19 compliance standards.

It’s vital to scan employees for their temperature each time they come to work. You can now do this easily and quickly with the non-contact infrared thermometer from Nationwide Medical Supply. You can measure temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius within one second. Our thermometer is medical grade and both FCC and CE approved.
At Nationwide Medical Supply, we are proud to offer a superior option with our contactless digital thermometer. You can ensure your hotel meets COVID-19 compliance standards when you use this infrared thermometer to scan the temperatures of all hotel employees at the beginning of their shift each day. Contact us for more information on bulk order discounts.

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When you need FDA-approved PPE supplies and equipment, be sure to shop online at Nationwide Medical Supply. Help your hotel stay in COVID-19 compliance standards with our superior products.

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