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The Moldex 2200 face mask is often considered the gold standard in medical supplies for both medical use and even construction or personal use. At Nationwide Medical Supply, we offer a wide selection of quality N95 masks from Moldex, Makrite, and TruAir. Unlike most surgical face coverings, N95 masks are designed to have a secure fit against the face. This snug design allows for maximum control over the airflow and filtration of air both in and out of the mask. The lowest rates of filtration for our powerful N95 masks offer a 95% filtration rate for particles at 0.3 microns in size. The COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) is about 0.1 microns in diameter. At that size, the N95 mask filters at least 95% of particulates.

Head straps are often used to help create a tighter and more comfortable fit than masks that use earloops for their support. Moldable nose supports offer an even tighter sealing fit. Some models feature a valve that allows for a smoother exhale and longer wear time. Rated by the CDC and tested regularly by regulatory agencies, these N95 masks truly are the heavyweight in the PPE industry. For superior protection and durability trusted by the medical industry, order your N95 masks from Nationwide Medical Supply today!

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