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Face Shield



The reusable face shield is comfortable, anti-fog, made with PET materials, and offers protection against dust, splashes, and other hazards.

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  • Padded forehead strap for ultimate comfort and relieved pressure.
  • Offers exceptional protection from droplets, dust, and other hazards.
  • The reusable face shield has an anti-fog function, making it a great choice for at home, in the shop, or in medical facilities.
  • Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side, and front face protection.

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The face shield is designed to protect your whole face from spray and splatter, dust, oil smoke, and so on. Professional face shield protects your face and eyes from droplets and dust. It is Reusable and easy to clean. The shield is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and portable; it will not feel uncomfortable after a long time wearing.

Our masks undergo strict sterilization and product quality control during the production process, they are individually packaged, and the products are safe and reliable. The face shield uses imported PET material, which has a high-definition anti-fog effect, so you need not worry about the fog blocking the view during use.

The surface contacts with the skin have a soft sponge, the rope is elastic and comfortable to wear, it does not hurt the forehead even dressed for a long time. The face shield has an elastic headband that is easy to adjust for a custom, secure fit. It helps protect your eyes and face against impact and chemical hazards from the environment. The headband can be adjusted to fit anyone, including adults and children.

The anti-fog function provides clear vision. Because the mask is lightweight and easy to wear, it is suitable for many places. It can provide comprehensive security protection. Whether you are at home, shop, or office, it can play an excellent protector for dust and splash effects.

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