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PPE Supplies for Dental Offices

During the Pandemic, being in the Medical Field can be worrisome for most. Staying protected and having quality protective equipment is essential when interacting with many people daily. Finding Authentic Equipment:  Find a quality / high rated supplier Confirm authentic branded equipment Compare pricing Choose what you’re looking for Get it delivered to your doorstep…
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N95 - Covid Test Kits

Traveling during the Pandemic?

Many of Americans are Traveling for Work, Leisure or just to visit family during the Holidays! Here is how we can stay protected and reduce the chance of getting COVID-19 or it’s Variants. Even if you are vaccinated, most Airlines and Public Transportation services require wearing Face Masks at all times. Get Face-Masks that are…
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How to Correctly Use Hand Sanitizer

At first glance at the title of today’s post, you might wonder why anyone would need to know how to correctly use hand sanitizer. After all, you simply put some in your hands and rub them together and that’s that, right? Wrong. Today, we’ll look at the steps to follow to ensure you are using…
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PPE Supplies for Schools

Principles for Operating Schools Safely

Education has not been traditional in any sense of the word over the course of the past year. With the spike in positive cases of the coronavirus, many schools moved to remote learning in the spring and reopened in the fall only to close down again. Some schools were able to stay open and simply…
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